Welcome to 1980

I’m putting the kids in the local elementary school in Vermont simply to have something to do.  That’s a sound educational decision, right?  When we visited last year (in the spring, when we could actually go outside), we were all climbing the walls for lack of activity.  I joined the local (local = 1 in the entire county) homeschool group and they do have some events, but they’re all in Middlebury which is a bit far.  And there’s no co-op.  And we’re all extreme extroverts. And there are virtually no afterschool activities. No scouts. No…nothing (you didn’t think those sentences could degrade any further, did you?) So, off to school they go.

I thought it would be interesting to interview them on video after their first day of school.  If the whole “school thing” works out, they will know those kids for a very long time and it might be interesting to record their first impressions.  Then I thought it might be interesting to record my first impressions.  So, two paragraphs in, that’s what’s happening.

We’re moving to 1980.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing.  It’s just different.  There’s almost no cell phone reception in Shoreham.  I imagine it’s due to a combination of lack of population, granite mountains, the NSA not particularly caring about the activities of the community, etc.  So there’s that.

There’s no Target in the state of Vermont.  Since I haven’t purchased clothing from a store that doesn’t also sell groceries in over a decade, this is a bit worrisome.  There are no fast food places.  We don’t eat much fast food, but there are times when it is really, really handy.  I wonder if those times might occur less frequently in VT as I doubt we’ll be hurrying between activities.  In fact, right now I have the monthly library story time on the calendar.  And that’s it.

Should anyone from VT ever read this, I apologize.  As I sit in my box-filled home in Michigan this is what I’m expecting.  I’m expecting to meet lots of great people too.  Eventually.  Probably not as quickly as I’d like.  I’m also expecting to have to learn to live without some of the “modern conveniences” I’m used to.  Maybe the kids will be able to go outside and play in a way just not possible in suburban Detroit.  Maybe the kids will make new friends and go over to their homes in the same spontaneous way I did as a kid that my other MI mom friends have told me no longer exists (but if there are no cell phones, how will I know?)

I look forward to reading this a year from now to see just how far off I was.


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