I finally understand sweaters

I never really understood the need for sweaters.  Too often, I’m too warm in the winter.  If you go from your 70 degree house, to your soon to be 70 degree car to the 72 degree store (those stores are always just a touch warmer, right?), well, you don’t need a sweater.  Heating in the suburbs is targeted at non-sweater wearers so if you end up wearing a sweater (purely as an aesthetic homage to the winter wear of yore) then you’ll be sweaty.

Or so I thought.  I’ve only been in the rural Northeast for 48 hours but let me tell you that it’s cold.  Bone chilling cold.  I know you’ve heard the phrase “bone chilling cold” but I truly mean that my bones have been chilled.  And chilled bones are not a good time.  It’s not that the actual temperature is that different from the upper Midwest.  They’re about the same.  It’s that the buildings are old and drafty and the heating oil is expensive.  So the houses are more like 65.  Or 62.  And, if you’re sitting near a window it might be more like 60.  Or 58.

So…sweaters.  Who knew?  Apparently they are useful.  Should you be reading this from a well-heated room in a Midwestern suburb and you have a closet full of unworn sweaters, you might want to consider shipping those to some poor, frozen soul in New England.  We could put them to use.



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