The “Before” Pictures or Look! My House is a Dump!

First of all, it isn’t “my” home.  We’re going to live there for three years and then either buy something here or build something or live rough (ok, not live rough).  Most homes around here are 200 year old farm houses.  I’ve been assured that the guest house, in which we’re currently living, was in worse shape than “our” new house.  We’re not moving out of the guest house until we’re 100% ready to.  A whole team of workers and contractors are about to descend on this puppy Monday morning so that someday, in the not so distant future, we’ll all look back on this and laugh.

So let’s get down to it, shall we?

The kitchen.  Obviously the paint falling off the ceiling is high on the list of things to do.  The cabinets are metal and from the 40s.  The appliances are newish.  If anyone has any ideas beyond paint the cabinets, change the hardware, let me know.  The backsplash is tile that has been painted over and stenciled with pineapples, probably in the mid-eighties when stenciling pineapples on things seemed like a great idea.

P1010913P1010917A wood stove and a nine year old

This is the front entryway (which is no longer the front entryway).  It’s by far the worst room.  The yucky wallpaper is coming off, the ceiling is being scrapped and painted and the window will be replaced.

P1010921Owen just can’t hide his feelings about this room.

The five bedrooms all look something like this.


This is the upstairs bathroom.  There’s another full bath that is in fine condition.  This one…not so much.


The hallway, which is fine.  I added that to balance out all the really bad pictures.  When you come visit, I hope you exclaim “Your hallway!  It’s fine!”


And the view from the driveway.  I’ll take it as-is.


There’s a whole nother wing to the house that we’ll just seal off.  We don’t need the space and there’s plenty to do with the main house.  Also, the wing (wouldn’t it be great if it was to the west?  I’ll have to remember to check) is in worse shape than the main house.


3 thoughts on “The “Before” Pictures or Look! My House is a Dump!

  1. I love this place…can you send outside pics? Leo will have to make sure you have help; this is not a project for you, but man, it will be beautiful…just look at that hallway!! It is GORGEOUS!

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