Bucolic Plague

We went to the Shoreham library yesterday to get some books.  Like most places here, there’s a boot room so you take off your boots there and walk around in sock feet.  I will get back to Michigan and automatically take off my shoes at various establishments (Target, Meijer, etc.).  The library has doubled in size recently, going from 1 room to 2!


Joejoe was having a rough day.  He sat down at the communal puzzle table, which had a giant 1000+ piece half done puzzle on it, and decided that he’d work on it.  Of course, all puzzles he’s ever done start from scratch so he began by crumpling up the completed pieces.  I did not photograph the look of horror on the librarian’s face…

We managed to find some books for everyone by utilizing the card catalog.  When’s the last time you used a card catalog?  I think maybe, for me, it was junior high.


Please excuse the poor quality picture.  I wanted to take one of the card catalog but I also felt kinda dumb doing it.  So this was taken on the sly.  Luckily Joejoe wasn’t paying attention at this point or he would have dumped out all the cards so we could rearrange them.  Seriously, they’re going to love us here.


My Michigan self sees a rural dirt road and automatically assumes that the speed limit is 50.  In fact it’s 35.  And that’s good.  Probably you won’t encounter another car on any local trip.  But you might.  Because the roads are quite twisty, you don’t get much notice of oncoming traffic.  There are plenty of places where the 1.5 lane-wide road has a granite rockface on one side and a steep drop-off on the other.  Oh and the road is gravel so stopping is tricky.  Don’t go 50.  You will die.



I stopped by the “new” house this morning.  The kitchen ceiling already looks so much better, right?  I was really impressed by the amount of work done just in the two days since I was there.


I have two wall-mounted historical can openers!  Oh the luxury of it all.


This is the former 1 room school house down the road.  Shoreham Elementary, right now, has about 70 students. Over 100 years ago, there were 10 different school houses scattered around town; I wonder how many kids were in each school.  This is one of the school houses (at least I think it’s one of them).


This is the back view of the farm.  The lower left corner is the banks of the Lemon Fair river.


The river is dammed at this point.  I’ve been told there’s good fishing here (Mary is so excited!)  You can canoe here too.  I am having trouble imagining it not frozen.


There you go, Nina, a shot of the exterior.  Obviously, some painting needs to happen.  But that will have to wait until the one weekend in mid-August where the temps will be above freezing for a full 24 hours.  I’m going to sit on the porch swing and drink lemonade that weekend too.  It’ll be great.


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