I’ve been suffering from a serious case of “meh” lately.  Maybe it was the 12 hour drive to and then again from Detroit for Easter break.  Or maybe it’s that it’s Spring and not nearly as cold, but still cold enough for a coat weather and seriously will I ever be warm again?  Or maybe it’s having a break and then going back to the grind.  Or the fact that I still have 8,456 boxes to unpack. For whatever reason, it’s “meh” all over here.

I decided that I couldn’t possibly put off potty training Joe any longer.  Potty training is – hands down – my least favorite parenting duty.  I started potty training Owen before his third birthday and it was a total disaster.  I was still recovering emotionally when Mary turned 3.  I put it off so long that she actually asked to potty train and that was that.  In one thousand years Joe probably wouldn’t think to ask so I put it off because we drove to Florida before Christmas.  Then we were about to move (the change would probably just make him regress, right?) then there was that drive to and from Detroit…

So that’s happening.  He is VERY motivated by candy (he demands “poop treats”, “pee treats” and even “fart treats” which are NOT A THING but he won’t believe me.  Hopefully we’ll be well established in this before the next 12 hour trip back to Michigan.

living room
I would add a before picture but can’t seem to find one right now.
Just know that it was bad.  Real bad.

My living room is box free!  Plus it contains a 6yo watching tv on the iPad who has thrown her dirty socks on the floor.  I’ll take that over boxes any day.  We shoved the coffee table to the side in order to practice karate there, which we do over the internet.  I probably should have bothered to put it back.  The books in the bookcase are a really odd mix of our college books, homeschooling books, kids’ easy readers, and cookbooks.  But I can sort them later, right?

I got all hopped up on homesteading blogs recently and decided to make face cream.  It actually turned out really well, better than the kind I had been using and much, much cheaper. It took all of 5 minutes maybe and now I feel totally self-sufficient, like I’m ready to shear my own sheep to make a sweater.  Directions here. Obviously it  smells like tea tree oil after you add the tea tree oil.  You probably put that together immediately.  I did not.

I’ve also decided to ferment a bunch of things after reading all those homesteading blogs.  The kids will just LOVE my new hobby, I just know it.  A family of 6 needs at least 3 or 4 kinds of sauerkraut, right?


2 thoughts on “meh

  1. I am going to try this recipe with frankincense essential oils. Suppose to be an excellent wrinkle fighter and repairer, if that is even a word.

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