Hey, look at that, I have a blog.  I nearly forgot.  I started selling at the farmers’ market (I think that’s where we left off) and then I started volunteering at the kids’ school two days a week and then we went to Maine.  So it’s been a busy time.

Maine was lovely, thanks for asking.  It’s 3.5 hours from our house and I’d never been before.  We rented a cottage near the beach in York and ate obscene amounts of seafood morning, noon, and night.  Leo and I had lobster rolls for breakfast twice.  Owen (who is allergic to shellfish) had mussels at every meal (they’re mollusks) and we managed not to sicken him with all the shellfish nearby.  Ice cream was consumed nightly.  Joe threw enough rocks into the ocean to raise sea levels globally by at least an inch.  Patrick carried around a pound of sand in his diaper wherever we went (ow).  It was lovely.


The house is actually getting towards being done.  I really didn’t think this day would ever come (which is funny because it’s only been a few months).  The upstairs bathroom still needs tile and I think we talked about a coat of paint on the pantry.  The outside of the house needs major attention but the inside is pretty close.


Before and after on the bathroom

Today the Vermont sales guy had a function to go to so we were short staffed.  Burlington has a little bit better sales than Rutland so I went there.  In Rutland I usually gave out 50 or so samples.  In Burlington I gave out 206 before I ran out of cups!  It was quite a day.  They were having a week-long jazz festival in the same park as the farmers’ market.  That started at noon so the last two hours of the market where nearly impossible to talk to people because of the extremely loud music.

I live near a woman who invented a type of rug punch (fascinating, no?)  After reading about her one night and then hearing multiple mentions of rug hooking, I got it in my head to try it out.  So I did.  It was a lot of fun (and I still have the other half of my 4 hour intro course to do) but it just killed my hands.  The hand surgeon had given me the steroid shots two weeks ago and they’ve already worn off which I think means that surgery is in my near future.  That also means that I probably should not sign up to spar in the next karate tournament (the only adult category is 18+.  Those 18yo whippersnappers should know they’ve dodged a bullet).  I could just compete in a different category, I suppose, but many of the forms popular with the ladies involve doing the splits or some sort of acrobatics and why oh why DON’T THEY HAVE A MIDDLE AGED CATEGORY BECAUSE I CAN’T COMPETE AGAINST TEENAGE GYMNASTS???

So, there you have it, from the farmers’ market to the structure of karate tournaments.  We still have 2.5 weeks of school left here before we move in to summer mode.  I still can’t decide if it will be more or less chaotic then.  I guess I’ll find out.



First day at the farmers’ market

I’m honestly not even sure how my selling whiskey at the farmers’ market came about.  I was bored, I remember saying that.  Not bored as in “I have nothing to do” (ha ha, quite the opposite really) more of a mental boredom where I am sick of doing the five million things I have to do.  So, somehow I fell in to selling whiskey (a product I am not overly familiar with).  I was told I could add my own products to the table too, and that’s right up my alley.

I decided that barbeque sauce was the expected product with whiskey and that seemed rather boring (and that’s what I’m avoiding) so I started with mustard.  I made a Dijon with whiskey instead of wine.  It was ok.  I also made a spicy sweet mustard with jalapenos and chipotles and whiskey.  That one came out quite well so I canned a batch.

Mustard still seemed a little boring.  I was looking for more (I realize that this entire line of thought would strike most as boring.  Other people sky dive or race cars or do stuff like that.  I turn to condiments for excitement.  So sue me.)  The inspiration hit when I was in the car: I’d do a donut, a WHISKEY DONUT, with bacon!

The first batch came out really, really tasty.  The whiskey gives it a wonderful warm nutmeggy sort of flavor and the bacon is subtle.  Perfect!


The market has to pre-approve all products and, unfortunately, I was too late for this week.  But next week will see me frying donuts at 5 in the morning on Saturday.  Living the dream!

I left the house at 7 in order to get to the market at 8 for set up.  It was pouring rain.  No lightening, luckily, but the rain was intense.  I managed to unload everything myself (I have carpel tunnel issues in both hands and need surgery so I was a little worried about that).

At 9am the market opened and I was offering whiskey tastes.  It was a very interesting crowd willing to drink whiskey in the am.  There were a few weather beaten old men, the sort I guess I would have expected.  But there were also several women who were enthusiastic fans, some younger and some older.  I guess whiskey is one of those things that appeals to a broad cross-section of society.  There were college kids (I carded them, all were born when I was in college and yet, by some cruel twist in the time-space continuum, were of legal drinking age.  I’m still trying to get that straight in my head).  There were seniors.  Men, women, upscale, and rough around the edges.  There was a group home whose residents seemed rather keen on sampling but the home staff shooed them away.  Even the old man with the face tattoos who had a nearby market table distributing free literature on keeping pet fish (I have no idea if or how he makes money doing that) was a fan.

Leo came with the kids around noon so we could switch off.  I was actually kind of sad to leave as things were really picking up.  I can’t wait to go back next week with my mustard and donuts.